Friday, April 1, 2011

Bottle Baby

We went to visit my husband up in Nebraska (we are in the process of relocating), and while we were there we saw my sister at her fiance's cattle ranch.  One of her jobs on the ranch is feeding all the orphan calves twice a day. While my kids enjoyed watching (note John in the background), they were very hesitant to get in there and help.  After a little prodding, Landon took up a bottle and started feeding the calves (there were 3 to feed).  I think we have a future rancher on our hands!  Two weeks later and he still brings it up and wants to go back and help.  I can't wait till we are living up there and can see my sister more often and the kids can experience more of a farming/ranching lifestyle.  One horse and some chickens is nice, but I am ready for cattle, goats, and perhaps a pig to fatten up.

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