Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Farm First Aid

My 5 year old daughter, Jackie, is the most accident prone human being that I have EVER met.  We are talking about a child that went to the E.R. 3 times within 3 days for the SAME injury (she split her head open and kept hitting it and reopening it).  Saturday, while I was waking her up every hour because she knocked herself silly while being a trapeze artist on my hubbys pull-up bar, I got to thinking about when we move.  We will be moving to a very remote area, with the nearest E.R. some distance away.  This makes me especially nervous with a child that, I predict, will break a bone in some part of her body within a year.  Not that I wish that on her or that I let her run like a wild chimp, she just has a way with injuring herself.  So I am now starting a farm first aid kit, so I can have a little peace of mind once we have moved.

Here is a link (Farm First Aid) that I am using as a guide to said kit.  If you collect everything on the list you will have your own mini emergency room.  Ready to provide aid to persons who have lost a limb, poisoned themselves, broke something (Jackie), or just stumbled into some nasty poison oak.  Of course having these items doesn't mean beans if you don't know what to do with them.  I encourage you to take a course in First Aid and CPR.  You can do this through the Red Cross, your local community college, some YMCA's or gyms offer them, and most hospitals.  I took a semester long class in first aid when I was in college, and after passing out from a few pictures of broken bones, my dreams of becoming a nurse were squashed.  However, if push comes to shove, I can provide first aid or at least give directions to someone else.

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  1. Great idea. My daughter is terribly accident prone as well.


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