Monday, April 11, 2011

Homemade Carpet Cleaner

I'm cheap, I'll admit it.  When I was given a carpet cleaner for Christmas a few years back, I was shocked at the price of cleaner for the machine.  You were supposed to use only that machines soap, and had to buy different soaps for different stains, and the chemical smell...blegh!  My carpets didn't look much cleaner and especially didn't smell much cleaner.  After mixing and lots of testing, I finally came up with a solution that is cheap and most importantly WORKS.  I have 5 year old triplets that had mystery stains on their bedroom carpet that would not come out with any other cleaner.  I used this cleaner in my carpet cleaner, didn't suck the liquid up right away, but let it set for about a half hour, then went in and rinsed with clean water.  At first I was disapointed because some of the stains were still there, but by morning, when the carpet was completely dry they were gone.  Like magic!!

Here is what I used:
1/4 cup ammonia
1/4 cup white vinegar
3 tsp. dish soap (I used Dawn)
then add hot water (don't shake, gently swish so you don't cause the dish soap to suds up)

I was leery about the ammonia smell (as it almost knocked me over first time I opened the bottle), but once it was mixed with the vinegar it didn't bother me.  Vinegar is amazing at removing unwanted smells, but that is for another post, so back to carpet cleaning.  My cleaner is a Bissell, but I would think that what would work for one should work for most.  Hopefully this works for you and makes your carpets look new again. 


  1. Ooo! I'm going to try this!
    We have mystery stains. {grin}

    I'm so glad I was sent a copy of your link! I have to say I did NOT see your post on barn hop-- I have loved reading you blog this rainy morning!


  2. I will trying these for my carpet cleaner work...


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