Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Blog Layout

I finally got around to finishing my new blog layout.  I had a picture that I had taken last year that I really wanted to use.  The image is the Sandhills of western Nebraska.  This is a little ranch road that goes on for about 40 miles.  No cell phone servive, no utility poles, not many trees.  It seems untouched by time, and it is so beautiful.  When we move, we will be living in this area.  I am so excited (however the nearest Walmart is over 2 hours away).  While I was standing on the hill taking the picture I felt so humbled and small.  God's work is amazing!


  1. Absolutely lovely. And living 2 hours from Walmart sounds like heaven to me. :)

  2. I knew that picture had to be the sandhills.... :)
    Welcome to western Nebraska, we love it here.

  3. The picture is beautiful....and I would be happy living two hours away from the nearest Walmart too! :)

  4. count me in lights, poles, signs, traffic, noise & clutter...wouldn't mind it a is beautiful. I am peaked about the homemade yeast....and have read part 1 & 2, how did your rolls come out? This is interesting to me, and like you I will try to do something like this at least once or thrice....


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