Sunday, May 8, 2011

Coconut Oil Conundrum

I am a newbie to coconut oil.  I won't bore you with how good it is for you and all the other health benefits (that's for another post).  So, I have this wonderful jar of coconut oil setting in my pantry waiting for me to experiment with it's wholesome goodness.  I open the pantry door and what to my wondering eyes did appear, but my creamy, white oil had now become clear!!  (Did you catch that?  I am super talented.)  For those not familiar with coconut oil, it is normally solid and white, kinda like lard.  After panicking that I had somehow ruined my oil, I did some research.  I know there are some veteran coconut oil users who are sitting there shaking their heads at me right now.  Up to a month ago, coconut oil was an unknown.  For those of you who are a newbie like me lets learn together.  Coconut oil will liquefy at about 76-78 degrees.   If you wanted to use your coconut oil instead of vegetable or canola oil you can set your coconut oil in the sun to slowly turn liquid, or set it in a dish of hot water.  I wouldn't recommend microwaving. Store your coconut oil out of direct sunlight.  Don't store in the fridge unless you want a solid brick.  Now what to do with this oil?


  1. I love my coconut oil too. I use it to make deodorant, toothpaste, and polish for my wood.

  2. I have a funny story! I was a newbie to coconut oil about a year ago.....I read up on all the benefits etc, and I said to my family that we would be trying out this new oil! I used it to fry eggplant one night for eggplant parmagiana.....Dinner came out awful! The oil has a great taste for baking, I use it for other purposes, but for eggplant parm, absolutely not!! My kids still make fun of that dinner! I ate it, but I really didn't want to! ;)


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