Monday, May 9, 2011

Do I Buy in Bulk? Well, Kinda

I'll admit it, I'm a weird shopper.  I'm on a life long journey to natural and organic foods, but lets face it, it's expensive to suddenly switch over from "normal" groceries to completely organic.  I am going at my own pace, albeit slow, and doing things my own way.  I now cook completely from scratch.  Spaghetti sauce, bread, pizza crust, home canned veggies, if I can prepare it in my kitchen I will.  That was step one.  Step two is raw milk, organic beans, and naturally healthy oils (coconut oil).  This is the phase I am in now.  In addition to eating healthier, I also like to have a three month supply of food (next step 6 month).  I used to make menus and lists, and have everything all categorized.  My days are busy enough as it is, I just didn't have time to sit down and do this.  I know my families eating habits, and have learned that when I buy flour, I buy 40 lbs. at a time, and those little jars of yeast are child's play.  Bring on the 2 lb. bag!

Sadly, my garden last summer suffered from too much rain and poor drainage, so consequently, I am low or out of most of my home canned goods.  So to the store I go.  My monthly budget for groceries is $300.  Rarely, if ever, do I go over that.  I shop Sam's Club, Aldi's, Azure Standard and occasionally Wally World.

At Aldi's today my cart contained:
8 lbs. ground beef (I already have 15)
3 whole chickens (have 2)
2 pkg. chicken breast (have 2)
5 cans tuna
3 pkg. brown sugar (have 2)
20 cans fruit (have 10)
12 cans green beans
4 cartons sour cream (have 1)
5 cans tom. paste (have 4)
2 pkg. cream cheese (have 2)
40 lbs. flour (have 20 lbs.)
bananas and baby carrots
5 boxes cereal

Total came to about $160.

I'm sure most of you could care less about what I buy or how much it cost.  But I think that was a pretty good haul for the price.  Some of these things won't last 3 months some will last 6.  I cook what I have, if I find I need something, I add it to my want list and buy 3 times what I think I will need.
This is my current food storage.  I didn't take pictures of my kitchen pantry because it's a disaster right now.  You are looking at oatmeal, three kinds of dry beans (which I plan to can), misc. pasta, canned fruit, tea, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, popcorn, juice, ramen (my hubby's fav.) toilet paper, and in the white pail soft white wheat.  What you WILL NOT find in my pantry:
cream of mushroom, celery, or chicken
store bought broth
store bought soups
processed cheese
chips, crackers, or any other "junk" food
convenience foods (hamburger helper, etc.)

Hopefully these shelves will look a lot better in the fall after I have canned homegrown goodness.  I had better go, my Azure Standard order has to be in by tomorrow.  I am planning a post on the steps that I am going through to become more self-sufficient in the kitchen, so watch for that.


  1. I like to buy in bulk, when they have buy one get one free, and I need something I stock up...we usually have 3-4 whole roasters, or beef roasts in the house. When we can get to Amish I stock up and buy 30# flour and the "big"
    bag of yeast. Over the years transforming and keeping a supply on hand. I don't use pre processed box type meals either never had...from scratch....

  2. How do you store your flour so you don't get critters in it? I would love to buy a bunch of flour like that. I usually keep a couple of bags in our freezer, but sometimes there isn't enough room. Any suggestions?
    Thank you,

  3. For what it is worth...I love hearing about what you buy, why you buy it, where you buy it, what you make with it and I especially love pictures. I honestly thought I was the weirdest person in the world because I found myself looking for pictures of peoples pantry, their storage systems and so forth, come to find out...I'm not the only one. So please continue to to post pics and all the things you think people DON'T want to see, because belive me, I will want to see them.


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