Monday, May 2, 2011

Oh the fun of scrap lumber!

   We had a huge pile of wood left over from my husband redoing a privacy fence.  Of course we are not ones to let anything go to waste so we got creative.  The kids wanted a sandbox, so Nathan got busy.  I came out and thought that he was building a playhouse, maybe because I've never seen a sandbox with a roof.  The kids love it!  I'll bet that Nathan didn't know he was building a platform for extreme jumping as he was making it.  I swear those kids spend more time climbing onto the sandbox than playing in it.

Then for Mother's Day last year, he made me this beautiful garden fence and entrance.  I am tempted to ask him if he would take it down so we could move it with us, but I already know his answer.  Sniff...  Oh well.  I'm sure that I can come up with even more "fun" projects for him this summer.

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  1. Don't ya just love having a handyman! Beautiful fence by the way!


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