Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rain, Hail, and other things to ruin my parade.

OK, so I'm not having a parade.  But I did have things that I needed to do outside.  At 5:45 pm it was pushing 100 degrees.  At 5:55 it started raining like crazy, then hailing. 

By 6:10 the sky was clear.  Of course this is Kansas and clear skies don't last long during spring and early summer.  About 10 minutes later even more rain and hail.  The kids thought it was snow on the ground at first.
I was going to run out to put my car in the garage but decided that it wasn't worth getting pegged in the head with the golf ball size hail.  Needless to say, by 7:30 the temp had dropped to about 70 degrees.  Now the sky is a greenish-yellow.  Neighboring towns have reported tornadoes on the ground and softball size hail.  I guess we are lucky.


  1. That sounds like freaky weather. I used to live in Missouri, and we'd hear about weird weather over there in Kansas.
    On Welcome, you asked how the BofA got the peoples info that bought the house.
    It was a foreclosure, the people bought it from the bank, not a real estate company. That's how the bank had their information.

  2. We got some hail yesterday too, but not that big!


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