Thursday, July 21, 2011

I love my washtub!!

It was so hot today, and what better way to spend a hot afternoon than by soaking in cold water, soaking your laundry that is.  I found myself a shady spot in the yard and started scrubbing.  Despite the 104 degree temperatures and the dry wind, it was very relaxing.  Once the laundry was done, I dumped the water on my thirsty bushes (don't worry I use a natural soap) and filled 'er up again.  This time to scrub my 3 dirty kids.  They thought it was hilarious to be bathing outside and the cool water was a perfect mid-day break from the heat.  I was even tempted to jump in, but knowing my luck someone would come driving up.  So far I have used my washtub to house new baby chicks, wash laundry, bathe the kids and dog, collect rain from the gutter, and covered plants from hail.  Go wash tub!!


  1. Aside from the 104* temp, seems like a great way to spend the day and fun to boot. Sounds like your washtub has been around ;) Love it!

  2. What a sweet post about a wash tub!
    Hmmm...never thought of taking my pre-soak clothes outside to do it in the shade... saving water by watering the plants and all...
    glad you told this story. I liked it.
    ...i bet the kids had fun, sounds like you did too, Pat


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