Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Finding the perfect homestead - Part 1

We have finally begun the daunting task of finding our forever home.  Real estate prices in the Black Hills are a bit higher than in Kansas so after recovering from sticker shock, Nathan and I had to sit down and talk about what was really important and what we could do without.  One of my top concerns was water.  In Kansas just about every rural property has it's own well.  This is a very important must have for someone wanting to be completely self-reliant.  Being hooked to rural or city water puts you at the mercy of whoever is providing the water.  Going without electricity is one thing, but water is completely different.  I can live without my lights or my washer, but you cannot run a homestead without water.  Now some of you may be asking "what about getting water without power".  This requires some foresight, install a hand pump, solar powered pump, or even windmill, then even when the lights go out you are covered.

But back to the house search.  In the Black Hills, many rural properties have cisterns instead of a well or rural water.  If you are like me, you may be wondering what a cistern is.  A cistern is an underground water storage tank that stores your water.  Water storage is great, we should all do it, but I don't feel comfortable with that being our only source of water. To fill the tank you would have to haul water, and I am busy enough as it is without worrying about filling a water tank.  Anyone out there have experience with a cistern?  The though of one for collecting rain water sounds great, but for all our water I just don't know.

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  1. We had a cistern when we lived in Illinois. Apparently living in a coal mining area also meant having sulfur smelling well water...so everyone around us had a cistern. It was an inconvenience. We had to go to town at least once a week to haul water, which means we also had to have the big plastic water container that fit in the back of the truck. I also didn't like the chlorine smell and taste of the water since it came from town, but it was our only option.


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