Saturday, August 13, 2011

Forest Fire

Wild land fire fighters and area fire departments have been battling a fire located about 9 mile from our house.  This story especially hits home for me because my baby sister is a wild land fire fighter and was caught in a situation like this while on a fire in California.  Just thinking about it makes me cry.  Already one young man has died and another seriously injured.  Please pray for these brave men and women.  I see them at the gas station downtown, and it just breaks my heart to know that they are off to put their lives on the line.  May God bless and protect them.

Below is the link to the story.
rapid city journal

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  1. We once lived in a small rural town and belonged to a volunteer fire department, my husband was a Firefighter/EMT and I was Support Staff. The wildfires are very frightening as they take on a life of their own and there is no predicting their path! Hard to put into words the very strange feeling you have when that close to one.

    My Prayers are with them.


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