Thursday, August 18, 2011

What are We Watching

With so many "kids" shows on TV and in theaters, I though that I might start sharing what our family is watching.  I have lost track of how many time we put in a family movie and it is NOT family friendly. 

Last week was a lazy week for us, and the kids watch waaaay more television than I would normally allow.

Tangled - kids got this movie for their birthday.  It feels like a classic Disney movie, beautiful music and fairy tale story line.  My husband and I enjoyed watching it as much as the kids did.  I highly recommend this movie.

Meet the Robinsons - This little gem is one of my kids favorites.  It's another movie for the entire family to watch together.

Voyage of the Dawn Treader - This movie was one that I watched.  I am a HUGE Narnia fan and this certainly did not disappoint.  Just like the other movies in the series, it has a good Christian message.  It would be appropriate for older kids, but I was worried my 6 year olds might get a little scared when seeing some of the fight scenes.

Next week school starts back up so we will go back to no more than a half hour of TV a day.  This is when I break out the Looney Toons collection and they watch that while I make supper.

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