Thursday, November 17, 2011

Organizing in the Kitchen

We are still working on buying a place (which accounts for my MIA).  Meanwhile I have been planning on how we want to remodel and decorate.  I came across some brilliant storage solutions for the kitchen that I plan to use once I have my kitchen.

If you are like me, boxes of tinfoil, plastic wrap, and parchment paper are constantly cluttering my drawers and cabinets.  It's hard to find a good permanent home for them.  I love this idea.  Simple, convenient, and affordable.

If you would rather store in a bottom cabinet or pantry, a magazine file is another cheap idea.  Plus it's easy to clean!


  1. Can the bin in the first pic be bought at a Walmart? I like that idea, I keep mine in a drawer & the boxes can get messed up. Let alone I could use the drawer for something else.

  2. I have seen them in Walmart in my area (SD) or you can find them online.


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