Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Presents for Kids

     I finally got around to thinking about Christmas presents for the kids.  Every year I struggle with what to get them, how many presents to buy for each, etc.  It's nice that they don't watch T.V., because they don't see commercials that might influence what they ask for.  Their wish lists are truly their own.  So far Santa has requests for a telescope, zebra pillow pet, catfish pillow (?), Barbie camping set, toy gun, and kids sized recliner.
     Recently, and I really wish I could remember where I came across this, someone shared a "formula" for buying kids presents.

Give something they want,
and something they need.
Something they can wear,
and something they can read.

    Saturday I shopped downtown Hot Springs, and found a quaint new/used book store.  The kind of store with a little bell and friendly cat that greet you as you open the door.  I spent waaaay too much time browsing through leather bound books, rich with local history.  Really old books have a certain smell to them that only bibliophiles (means one who loves books, it's my word of the day) truly enjoy.  This store smelled like that.  Anyways, I am getting off topic here.
     So I was in this book store and found these childrens' books that are perfect for the "something they can read" gift.

     I also bought "Who Made the World?", and "What is the Bible?".  They will be perfect for beginning readers, and list verses in the back that go along with the book.  Pajamas are a Christmas Eve traditions, so that will be the "something they can wear".  Now for the wants and needs.  Best of luck with your holiday shopping!  May the lines be short, the deals be great, and peace and joy be in your hearts.

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