Friday, December 2, 2011

A New Christmas Tradition

My Dad wanted to start a new family tradition this year.  Hiking out into the woods to cut down a tree.  I was, of course, thrilled with the idea of some good 'ol fashioned family fun.  These are the kind of memories I want my children to have.  Trudging through snow, armed with a sled and chainsaw, in search of the perfect Christmas Tree that would grace the living room. 
My sister Glenda cuts down the tree, while my other sister Lisa "supervises".
Have you ever seen the movie "National Lampoon Christmas Vacation"?  I felt like our family was channeling the Griswolds as we found our tree, drug it back to the truck, and set it up in the house hoping that a squirrel wouldn't come flying out. 
My Brother-in-law Jack decorates the tree with a cute little helper.
The end result was beautiful.  

The next day (Friday) was full of fun too.  We went extreme sledding, because nothing says winter fun like becoming air borne in a sled, while dodging boulders and trees.  Hiking back up the hill quickly became tiring, so we broke out the snowmobile to pull us back up to the top. 
My hubby and I
Five min. later I am taking cover behind a tree as he throws snowballs at me.
 Happy December everyone! 

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  1. When I saw your photo and started reading about your Dad's new tradition, I thought of Christmas Vacation and 'The Tree'! I laughed when you brought up the movie. Our entire family loves that movie and always quote from it, especially when getting a tree like we did this Monday. - What a sweet pic of you and hubby but it just reminds us all that they look so sweet but don't turn your back because the little boy will come out for sure. - Cute post, have a great weekend!


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