Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gluten Fail

     Yesterday I posted about trying to make gluten/dairy/egg free brownies.  Well good intentions don't make a delicious desert.  They looked good, smelled good, but were burned and too hard to eat.  The batter went from too gooey to burnt in 2 minutes.  I don't think it was the lack of gluten or milk, but my substituting sunflower oil for butter.  It has worked in other recipes, however I had used eggs instead of applesauce in those.  Live and learn.

What I learned:  Limit the number of substitutions in your recipes. If you add applesauce, even as an egg substitute, you probably don't need as much (if any) oil.  Most important, never run out of eggs!

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  1. I have a wonderful black bean brownie recipe on my blog. If not my blog, Google black bean brownie. The whole family loves them. They are gluten free.


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