Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gluten Free Update

A few weeks ago I posted about why we were going gluten free.  You can read about it here

     Already we have noticed a HUGE improvement in Landon's behavior.  Before he had outbursts almost hourly, now it's only every couple days.  He pays attention better in school, and both the teacher and I have seen an improvement in his impulse control. 
     While I am thrilled that we found a natural, healthy way to help him, the thought of keeping him on this diet forever is daunting.  After the six week trial is up, we'll experiment with how much gluten he can have before it starts to affect him.
     I am still trying out different recipes that work best for us, so for now we are stocked up on rice pasta and cereal.    If you know of a really good gluten free site, please send it my way!


  1. Hi Christina-
    I was just going to give you this site is both useful for cooking in the crock pot...especially for those busy days...but also she cooks a lot of gluten free recipes.
    I am glad to see your son has responded well to the gluten free diet. I sometimes wonder about my grandson-- he's not been tested for Autism but I've wondered about it. I understand it is hard to diagnose in some children. He certainly has lots of energy-- but very poor language skills; and he's just turned 4 ...I might suggest this type of diet to my daughter... here it the link. Hope it helps.



  2. Hi Christina,
    My family is Gluten Free as well. Our youngest son is celiac. He has been gluten free since he was 16 months so I have some experience feeding a gluten free child. Feel free to email me with any questions you have. I'd be happy to help

  3. These two sites have helped me with some really good recipes:



    Hope they help!


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