Friday, January 13, 2012

New Tractor

     Recently our ranch purchased a new (used) tractor! We got a
1997 Case IH Maxxum 110 with MFWD (Mechanical Front Wheel Drive). I had the pleasure of assisting in the hunt for a new tractor and learned a lot in the process. The MFWD gives the tractor more traction so we don’t get stuck as easy in the sandy, sandy hills we live in. It also has a front loader and grapple (the bucket and teeth things). With 110 horse power it can run our bale processor, but our main use will be running V-rake for haying. I excited that my father-in-law and husband both trusted me enough to look at it when I found it and even more ecstatic when they decided to buy it (kudos to me). I hope it turns to be a good tractor for us or then I’ll feel bad!


  1. That is so cool.
    I know how that feels to give the guys a nudge and 'recommend' something...that would typically be their 'field of expertise' and then it be a sweet deal.
    I also know how it feels to hope it really is a sweet deal...guys never let us live that stuff down! LOL...

    So happy for y'all getting a tractor. That is going to make easy work of lots of chores!


  2. Niiiice! and how exciting for you.


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