Sunday, January 29, 2012

Root Cellar Tour

     Raise your hands if you love a farm/ranch tour!  I have been getting onto Glenda to give us a picture tour of her ranch and despite my constant nagging asking, she just hasn't gotten to it yet.  So while I am visiting I guess I'll just do it myself.
     I'll start with one of my favorite things... root cellars!!  I don't know if its the pure simplicity of it, or the nostalgic feelings that radiate from each crack and crevice, but there's something about an old cellar that I love.

     Follow us down to the darkness.  Don't worry, there's no creepy crawlies here.

The shelving runs along the entire length of one side of the cellar.  When my sister moved in, all of her husband's Grandmother's jars were still exactly where she left them 20 some years ago.  Some are still sealed with food.  A testament to a tried and true way of preserving food.

Here's a good shot of the entire cellar.  Note the single shelf along the lower right side.  Perfect for keeping bags and baskets of garden goodies off the floor.

Another shot facing the stairs.  On a side note, please excuse my sister's clothing.  We had finished running and lets just say that when you're in the middle of nowhere, fashion isn't an issue.

I'm very jealous of some of the jars she found down there.  Maybe I should remind her that my birthday is coming up.


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  1. I love it.. the old root cellar, shelving with jars ready to go, canned foods from grandma and country fashionistas.

  2. I would love to have a root cellar! I am thinking about making one out of an old barrel buried in a mound and sealed with vegetables for the winter!

  3. I live in south florida, we have no cellars of any kind. I am beyond jealous! I would adore my own root cellar.

  4. I so want to have that root cellar.


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