Monday, January 30, 2012

Taking Out the Trash

Part 2 of Glenda's Ranch Tour

     When you live in the middle of nowhere, you sacrifice the convenience of many services.... like trash service for example.  I really like the burning barrel that my brother-in-law made for their ranch.  The picture doesn't show the height of the barrel very well.  It's just as tall as I am, which allows them to burn just about anything that they need to.  The door is hinged so you don't have to mess with a grate or worry about drifting ash starting a fire.  I like this design a lot better than a simple, open-topped barrel that I have used in the past.  Is it odd that things like root cellars and burning barrels are exciting to me?


  1. We have the open barrel that we use a lot. That is an interesting style burn barrel. I like it!

  2. We have a burn barrel too otherwise we have to drive our trash to the pickup location! We decided it's cheaper to recycle everything- we have a great center that takes almost everything, even newspapers and magazines. We are left with paper towels, mail and the one or two metal things that I can't burn.

  3. nice design for a burn barrel!


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