Monday, March 5, 2012

Till The Cows Come Home

Today we moved the cows from the north part of the ranch to the south part where they will calve. The trek is about 10 miles and the day was nice! Not too cold, but I still stuck hand warmers in my boots to keep my toes from freezing. However, I think a lot of the bred cows 9 months along would had liked it to be cooler!

We had them up north to feed them hay we had not used from last year. But soon they will begin calving till May. Our calving facilities are much better at the south ranch where we have a calving lot with tree rows on all 4 sides to provide protection from the weather.

The trip went smoothly and was enjoyable with the company and help of my friend, Ulrike, who came along on the cattle drive. We did have one "sandhills traffic jam" along the way when we met a feed truck from ADM.

It was nice to come in to a warm meal of roast beef, mashed potatoes, and gravy when we got home!

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