Monday, April 16, 2012

Garden 2012

          I can't decide if planting my seeds indoors before I even have a garden area ready at the new house is really good planning, or just really foolish.  In Kansas we were in zone 6A, which made for a really nice growing window.  Up here in South Dakota we are now in 4B, so this summer will most likely be a huge learning curve for us.  When I ordered my seeds I had to do a lot of research to find seeds that could grow in the shorter season and thrive in cooler climate.

        So far in my indoor greenhouse, I am starting the following:

Amish Paste Tomatoes: 20 plants
Regular Red Tomatoes: 10 plants
Emerald Giant Pepper: 10 plants
Tendercrisp Celery: about 30 plants
Bean Contender: 20 plants

         I also have lavender, sage, thyme, and Tai Basil started in pots for my future herb garden.  Once the main garden is ready, carrot, broccoli, and lettuce seeds are standing by waiting to be put in the ground.

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