Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Protect Yourself

          In the midst of planting our vegetables and prepping our flower gardens,  it's hard to think about the business side of a family homestead.  One very important, and often overlooked, necessity is the proper insurance to protect yourself and your farm.  Whether you have hundreds of guests that come to pick pumpkins or simply sell veggies once a week at the local farmers market, it is your responsibility if someone gets hurt or gets gets sick as a result of your food or services.  Talk with your insurance agent about your plans for your homestead and any hazards that may be an issue. Depending on what you've got going on, a basic farm policy might not be enough.  If you have customers coming onto your property it is a good idea to have a comprehensive liability policy.  Even when precautions are taken people can sprain something or trip and fall.  I have seen women, who for some reason think it's appropriate to wear high heels to a corn maze.

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  1. How very wise of you to think of these things. I would have never thought about insurance for selling produce, you just can never be too careful these days. Thanks! xo


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