Monday, April 2, 2012

Room to Roam

     After months of being cooped up in a tiny apartment with no yard, the kids just can't get enough of being able to run and yell to their little hearts content.  We are so blessed to have found a place where the opportunities to explore are endless.

     The kids love to climb the rocks, and I am just waiting to see what injury will send us to the ER first.  Please pretend not to notice that I didn't to a very good job of stitching the landscape photos together.

Above is a photo of the swings and a cute little tree house that needs a new porch.  Beyond the play set is covered RV parking complete with a deck.  I would love to build a guest cabin back here.

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  1. Thats awesome for the kids, I love running, yelling kids as they run "from me" lol. I love it when kids come running to me full of smiles & so excited, just fills my heart.

    I didn't notice anything wrong about your photo, I know I'm not an expert but I reeeally look long and hard at it. It looks pretty darn good to me :)



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