Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Steps to Off-Grid

     With moving to our new home now just around the corner, I sometimes wonder if it would be better to go off-grid all at once, or step by step.  Complete self-sufficiency is our ultimate goal, but would it even be realistic to expect my family to give up so much, so fast?  If it was just Nathan and I, my answer would be yes, but with kids...well.....
          Little, by little we are becoming more independent of the grid. It's my "Off-Grid Challenge" and I invite you to challenge yourselves as well.  Each week I will post another challenge, and what I am doing to meet it. Keep in mind that this isn't a self-sufficiently challenge, but simply suggestions to become less reliant on others for your power needs.  Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Week 1 Challenge - Wash those dishes by hand

Try washing your dishes only by hand for one month.  You might be surprised how easily it becomes just another part of your routine.

          Living in a rental that doesn't have an automatic dishwasher has forced us into this challenge.  However, to be honest, I don't miss my dishwasher.  I actually enjoy doing dishes.  For me, it's a time of reflection and prayer.  No one disturbs the dishwasher for fear of being asked to help, so it's a rare personal time for me.  When we were ordering our cabinets, the guy at the store though we were crazy when I insisted that we didn't need space for a dishwasher.  A friend asked me how I was going to keep up with dishes on top of everything else that needs done around the house.  Well, my dear friend, don't worry.  My kids haven't ever gone hungry from lack of clean dishes, and they aren't going to disappear if my attention needs to be elsewhere.  Once you get used to doing dishes by hand, it stops seeming like such a chore and becomes just another daily routine.

Check back Wednesday for next weeks "Off-Grid Challenge".


  1. I like it Christina and will look forward to your "weekly challenge".

    I sort of do a half & half thingy, using my dish washer but hand washing a bunch of items instead of putting them in washer. I just never totally switched over, maybe it's time.

  2. I have no automatic dishwasher so this has been me since April 2008. Most of the time I don't mind it.....but the place I have right now....the kitchen is so tiny with no counter space to speak of, so I get a little rattled with it sometimes.


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