Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Steps to Off-Grid

Week 2 Challenge - Bye-bye plug in air fresheners!

Unplug any plug-in air fresheners that may be slowly sucking energy and adding to your monthly bills.   

          I'll be the first to admit that I love a delicious smelling house.  Scentsy is a awesome product, and Bath and Body works makes amazing smelling wallflowers.  While these use a tiny amount of electricity, they still require being plugged-in, and that is what we are trying to wean ourselves of off.....right?


          Instead of  plugging something in, use a candle, or better yet bake.  Nothing makes my house smell better than fresh baked cinnamon rolls or snicker-doodle cookies.  Remember that baby steps are important to reaching the ultimate goal.


  1. Love the idea of all your off-grid ideas. Something hubby and I would like to accomplish as well in the future, when we downsize to a smaller home. Right now living in a two story home with 3600sq ft living space. Tooooo big, toooooo much to keep clean.
    Keep striving for your goals.

  2. We are so in sync you'd think we talk all the time, LOL. I always used plug in air freshners for many years, buying them on sale and keeping extras around the house. When I ran out a month ago I thought it was about time I didn't get anymore. Now I have to throw away old ones and give my nieghbor the extra plug in's I kept around.

    BTW, I haven't used my dishwasher since your last post. It hasn't been difficult since I was half way there already. It all goes with our life style of hangin' clothes out to dry, which I posted on how much money I saved in one month, it's awesome. Wood burning for heat and cookin' outside or on the wood stove too. Haven't quite stopped using our stove/oven yet, but like you said... baby steps.

    Coming up soon I'll post on my blog the progress Farmer Hubby and I have made and I'm gonna put something in there about you and link it back so readers may come over and check out your blog. I hope that's good with you?

  3. Haven't even thought about those! LOL Good point thought...they are silent power suckers. I will tell you why I prefer them though. I am terrible about lighting a candle and forgetting about it. The plug in ones are much safer for my house at the present time.


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