Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Steps to Off-Grid

Week 3 Challenge - Candlelit dinners
For two weeks, turn off the lights when you sit down for supper and enjoy your meal by candlelight.
          Break out those candle sticks that are gathering dust in some remote cubby of your house.  You know, the ones that you bought on sale forever years ago with images of romantic meals floating through your head.  The ones that, three kids later, still sit unused in a box.  Well tonight when you set the table, add those too.  Turn off ALL the lights in the house,  and enjoy a candlelit supper with those you love.  Kids will love that it's something different, and you can love the fact that you aren't using electricity to enjoy the meal.  Now don't think about the fact that you may have used a microwave or electric stove to prepare the food.  Remember, these are just baby steps.  One little change at a time, over time, will be a big change. 

          I would love to hear how you are doing with these challenges.  Please feel free to leave a comment or a link to your blog sharing your experiences.

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  1. We tried to make the candlelit dinner work but it just wasn't a good solution for our family. Still I am determined to find a way. We live in a tiny trailer (it was free so I'm not complaining) and the small table that fits in the kitchen is only big enough for the children. My husband and I usually eat in the living room. We have already decided to turn off the tv during meals which saves a bit of energy but I want more. So today I am cleaning off the porch. We have a nice picnic table that has been used as a workbench for years. The goal is to find a cheap used workbench or build one out of scrap wood for my husband so we can use the picnic table to eat outside whenever the weather is nice. In the mean time I am planning a picnic blanket dinner out on the porch for tonight! I know the kids will love it.


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