Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stripping Logs

          The hubby bought a new tool for the homestead, a log stripper.  We wanted to cut down a tree from our own land to use as a beam in the dining room.  Before we could put one up, however, it would need to be stripped of all bark and stained.   I had though that doing it pioneer style would take forever, but I was surprised to find out that with a good, sharp log stripping blade, a person could do one log in about an hour.

          This nifty little tool opens endless opportunities for around the property: furniture, lean-to, a guest cabin.  I have a list started in my mind, watch out Nathan!


I have received several questions about where we purchased this stripping knife (draw blade).  Ours came from a small local hardware store, but below it a link to one you can purchase online.  It is exactly the same as the one we have.  After much use the blade is still sharp and easily strips the bark from logs.

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  1. In about an hour?!
    Not too shabby. I think it is neat that you're using a log from your property for the kitchen. We've been using our wood too. Instead of burning it off to clear the land, we've actually cut some for the smoker, the wood stove (heater) and we've used a lot for trellis' and fencing.
    I'd love to use some of the wood for porch posts. However The Honey, isn't as strong as he was before his heart attack last year. That all may have to wait.

    I'll have to check out this tool-- and keep my eyes out for one. Did you get it at the hardware, Tractor Supply, online? Thanks in advance, Pat


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