Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Grinder

For Mother's Day, hubby surprised me with a new house plant and this...

          An 1898 Enterprise grinder.  It has been refurbished and turns like a dream.  My hubby knows me so well.  Yesterday I finally got around to taking her for a test drive.

         Hard Red Winter Wheat meet Grinder

I was so excited to turn these gorgeous wheat berries into pancakes.  Little did I know, there is a reason pioneers were so tough.  Part of my problem was the base was just sitting on the counter.  Now the only way you can attach this beast of a grinder to a surface is to bolt it on, and I am not about to drill into my new concrete counter tops.  After putting the grain through about 5 times, each time tightening the burs a little more, I finally had this.

It's not as fine as I was hoping for, but I am not surprised.  Hubby and I decided that this grinder would be attached to a counter in our mud room (when we build the mud room) and used to grind chicken feed and coffee.  Plus it will look really cool, so that helps with my slight disappointment.

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