Friday, July 27, 2012

Meet the Turken

A couple days ago, my kids went over to help a neighbor bottle feed his calf.  They came back with the ugliest animal I have ever seen.

Meet the Turken.

He has since grown on me and is quickly becoming quite the barnyard buddy.  I don't think he's full grown yet because he's quite a bit smaller than my Barred Rock hens.  

Having never heard of or seen a Turken chicken before, I was very curious.  Was he part chicken, part turkey?  Would his bare neck be able to withstand the cold South Dakota winters? 

Here is what McMurray Hatchery said about the breed:

"Half chicken and half turkey? No, the Turken is all chicken but unique because of its turkey-like bare neck, less than normal feathering around the breast, under the wings, and around the vent. In spite of the feather shortage, Turkens stand cold weather very well, are good layers of brown eggs, and grow to 6 pounds or more, making a fine eating bird. The hens are also good setters. The origin of this breed is uncertain but more recent development in Eastern Europe gave them the name Transylvanian Naked Necks." 

Based on the comments from people who have Turkens, they are very friendly, and hardy.   Since I have small children, friendliness is very important.  I have yet to read about someone who had an agressive Turken rooster.  He gets along great with the hens and so far has been good with the kids.  Until he creates a problem, he is welcome to stay.  Plus, I'm kinda curious what a Turken crossed with a Barred Rock would look like.

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  1. They are indeed strange looking chickens. I saw images on-line a few months back. I couldn't help but think how ugly they were, but it doesn't matter. They are farm animals, right? Dinner in the future.


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