Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mystery Bush

We have these mystery bushes growing wild all over our property.  I have tried to identify them in books or online, but so far no luck.

They tend to grow at the base of trees or in rocks.  Little, red berries grow on them and I would love to know if they are edible.

If you know what this is please tell me!


  1. Have you considered the highbush cranberry? The leaves look very similar. Obviously, I wouldn't eat it unless you have done some definite research. :-) Maybe a parks or forestry expert would know.

  2. I'm sorry but I don't even have a clue. If you haven't already, you might try your local agricultural website and look up 'wild bushes with red berries' or something like that. Sometimes I get lucky with searches like that.

    Good luck. xo

  3. I live in N. Central Nebraska those look just like what we call currents and they make a very nice jelly.

  4. High Bush Cranberry. Not Edible.

  5. Just so you know I googled it and came up with the possibility of high bush cranberries. I also used my guide to edible wild plants. The book says they are edible. You can use them just like cranberries. They are used for jellies and baking, as well as just eating them. I think I remember reading that if you try one and it tastes bitter, then don't eat them.

  6. Leaves look like currents...Ribes sp. Do the plants have thorns as well? There are red and blue varieties. Check a field guide.


  7. They look like currants to me. Google it and look at the leaves.

  8. We used to pick berries that looked like that when I was a kid - choke cherries. They are very bitter but make good jam. Maybe pluck a handful of leaves and berries and take them to a local nursery to have them identified :)

  9. hi. leaves are as for currants and gooseberries species. they are not goosegerries but look like our currant bushes, not familiar with what grows in n.d. probably found growing wild in those spots because of bird droppings. i don't like currants but my husband does and he makes pies of them. hear they make good jelly though.
    do not eat them until you are sure.
    if they are currants you can make a place for some in the garden.

    deb harvey


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