Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Prepardness Goals

          It's a beautiful 73 degrees here in the Black Hills and I am taking full advantage of it.  I'm canning meatballs, since I can open the doors and windows and not overheat the house.  All this gardening and canning has me thinking that perhaps I should make monthly prepardness goals.  So here's my goals for the rest of July.  Some of these also fit into my off-grid goals which makes me smile all the more.

~  Can all the beef in my freezer (right now that's only about 10 pounds of ground) so if the power goes out, it doesn't go bad.

~  Purchase more lamp oil and clean the lamps.  * I did this yesterday, but I went ahead and added it to the list just so I could mark something as done :)

~  Invest in a grain grinder that will grind flour for baking.

~  Purchase an extra bottle of propane.

~  Buy some rain barrels!  A guy down the road from us has them for sale 2 for $20, so we really don't have any excuses here.

~  Plant carrots and lettuce, and order garlic bulbs.

          I'm sure that I will think of other things that need to be added to the list, but this is a starting point.  It gives me something to work towards so I don't overwhelm myself.  I would love to hear any prepardness goals that you might have.

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  1. Really enjoyed about reading your off-grid challenge! What kind of lamp is that and does it produce good lighting?


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