Sunday, July 15, 2012

Saw a Man about a Cow

         Today we took one step for homesteading, one giant leap for self-sustainability.  We went to see a man about a cow, a Dexter cow to be exact.  Jim at High Pines Dexters invited us up to his ranch to meet his "girls".  They were a little shy at first, but very lovable.  By the end of the visit they were eating treats out of my hand.

          One three year old cow really caught our eyes.  Her name is Pearl and she has an adorable dun calf by her side.  We decided that we just had to have her.  Jim is going to keep her till the beginning of September so she will be bred and fully halter broke.  She is very gentle and tame, but he said that it's been a couple months since she's had a halter on her.  We will also be getting her little steer to fill our freezer next fall.

          Of course I had a very un-blogger-like moment and forgot my camera at home otherwise I would have pictures of our new girl to share.  However, Jim said that I could come out whenever I wanted to visit Pearl, and I intend to do just that.  Just thinking about all the fresh, raw milk I am going to have makes my mouth water.  Now I just need to learn to make cheese!


  1. I want to do the same. My problem is the animals become pets and we can't eat them.

  2. Happy for your beginings with your homestead. I have always wanted a milk cow, not sure i would know what to do with one, but im sure i can learn. Do you have any experience with milking? enjoy reading your progress. Our homestead is growing as well. Looking forward to growing our herds. We had a new baby calf this week. Keep striving for that simple life.


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