Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Cattle Guard

Whoo Hoo!  We can mark another item off the list!

Cattle guard at the end of driveway... done.

We still need to finish fencing the edges, but the hard part is done.

We were really lucky to find these bars laying around the property when we bought it.  I probably could have painted it to make it look nicer, but after a South Dakota winter and constant driving over it, why bother.

In true self-sufficiency fashion, we used items that we already had around the property.  Large rocks, check.  Railroad ties, check.  Railroad spikes to hold it all together, surprisingly check. 

Because snow can really pile up around here during the winter, we had to make it really deep.  Then we had to teach the kids how not to walk across it, or perhaps we should just let them get suck and it can be a cattle/kid guard.

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  1. That might just work...except, I do think the kids are a tad bit smarter than the cattle.


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