Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Family Grain Mill

I have another item to cross off my "Wish List".  My grain grinder finally arrived in the mail and I am so excited.  After looking grinders and reading reviews for over a year, I decided on the hand operated, Family Grain Mill.  

Why did I choose this particular grinder?  I would love to share my reasons with you.

~  Many reviews reported that this grinder ground flour fine enough for cookies, cakes, even tortillas. 
~  It has steel grinding burrs as opposed to stone.
~  It can be used either manually or with a motor, depending upon the base that you buy.
~  Price was very reasonable.
~  C-clamp can attach to a table or counter top.
~  Reviews stated that it was easy to turn.

So did it perform the way that I had hoped?

Yes it did!  It was very easy to assemble and clean, and the clamp held it tightly to the counter without so much as a wiggle.  I have only tested wheat in it, and it turns pretty easily.  My arms are slightly sore, but that's because I decided that I should grind 4 cups taking about 15 min and LOTS of rotations.  It took about 7 minutes of constant turning to grind 2 cups of flour.  

Now for the flour itself.  I was impressed with how fine it turned out.  At it's finest setting, you get both powder fine flour and some larger flakes.  Putting them through a second time didn't grind down the flakes any.  I used the flour, flakes and all, to make pancakes and a cake.  It gave the cake a texture similar to if you had added a bit of oatmeal.  When I ground the 4 cups, I sifted the flour through a metal sifter I use for draining meat.  It removed almost all of the large flakes leaving me with a finer powder.  I fed the flakes to my chickens and they loved it.

So am I happy with my purchase?  You bet! I'm glad that I just took the plunge and bought this.  I can't believe that I have been missing out on fresh ground flour all this time because I was afraid of buying the wrong grinder.  If you are interested in purchasing a grinder I encourage you to do your research to make sure the grinder you buy is the best fit for your family.  Reading Amazon reviews is always a great place to start.

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  1. I'm glad to hear your grain mill is working for you. I just bought an electric one as well as a hand mill. I am pleased with the work it does. I will admit the flour isn't all fine like the store bought, but that's okay. I am getting superior quality.

  2. Where do you buy your grain? What do you use? Wheat? Barley?... I'm so curious and would like to do this myself as I'm just learning about the junk put in store-bought flour. Thanks so much for sharing your experience! H

  3. What a great question. I am currently working on a post that goes into detail about the different grains, where I get them, and what we prefer.

  4. I have this same grain mill with an adapter for my Kitchen Aid stand mixer (needs to be Heavy Duty) so I can grind with motor or manual. Love it! Love it! Have been grinding about 5 pounds of wheat each week for a year and both the grain mill and Kitchen Aid are holding up fine. I like the manual option in case the power is down, but realistically, I would not grind nearly that much by hand. The price can't be beat.


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