Monday, August 20, 2012

The Hearth of the Home

I realized today that I hadn't shared pictures of the remodeling in a long while.  We still have a bit to do, but for the most part it's finished.  

Today I'll share one of my favorite parts of the remodel, the fireplace.   Below is a before picture of the living/dining room.  You can see how the fireplace is situated in the room.

 Now here is the fireplace after.  Nathan still needs to fill in between the stones with mortar, but I'd say it's a big improvement!

There are just so many things that I love about this space.  I collect antiques and this area provides a beautiful backdrop to some of my most precious pieces.  The secretary was my Great-grandmother's, and the blue bowl setting below it belonged to my Great, great grandmother.  I salvaged it, along with several others, from an old barn on the family farm.  As I continue to unpack and go through boxes, who knows what other treasures I have forgotten about.

Nathan made the ledge from dyed concrete to match the kitchen counters.  I think that it ties the rooms together beautifully.  I can't wait to enjoy this fireplace this winter!


  1. Oh that looks so pretty!
    I love the corner fireplace... I love how rustic it is; and the walls (green-gray?) ...beautiful.

    ...I'm liking that concrete hearth,too-Pat

  2. It looks lovely. You all did a great job with the fireplace.


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