Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Wood Cook Stove

A while back I posted about a special something that was on its way to our place.  Well last Thursday it was delivered to our local feed store, and Friday my hubby went and picked it up.

We are the proud owners of a new Flameview Wood Cook Stove!

Nathan used the tractor to move it from the back of the truck to the deck.  We removed the rails from part of the deck so he could set the stove down right in front of the door.
Once we had it safe and sound on the deck, the fun really started.  This thing weighs about 750 pounds and had to be lifted up about 6 inches to get through the door.
Here is my first view once we removed the wood crate.
After applying what we learned in physics class, we successfully moved the stove into the house.  It is now sitting on a furniture mover with wheels until we decide what we are going to put under it.
Here she is folks.  We also have a 20 gallon water tank and warmer, but they will have to wait to be installed.
Today we get to unload all the firewood that we spend yesterday cutting and splitting.  Now I am excited for the first snow!


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