Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I have grounded my chickens to the chicken yard.

Because the naughty little things did this to the beans,

and this to the tomatoes.

I was so mad when I saw what they had done to my garden.  I felt much better after I threw a couple tomatoes at them. 

Now they are moping about because they can't get out and into trouble. 

Definite Stink Eye!



  1. Ah! don't you just hate that?
    They're just being chickens the way God made them... but you just want to wring their necks!

    ...I had to fence my garden in and the chickens out. Forget about flowers!


  2. Nice look Christina! So fresh....

  3. We have 3 girls in our suburban back yard. Their coop is tiny so I let them free-range the whole yard and they have made a mess of EVERYTHING!!! They constantly excavate. Thinking I should contain them somehow but they are so happy out in the yard...


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