Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tour De Coop

Welcome to a tour of our humble coop.

While it still needs some roost reworking, it's home sweet home for the chickie's.

I finally got around to raking up some hay from the pasture and cleaning out the nesting boxes.  I am trying the deep litter method this year.  Instead of cleaning out the floor of the coop, you just add a clean layer of hay atop the old.  Hopefully I will have some nice compost come spring.

We are also preparing for the girls to start laying.  They are just over 20 weeks, so they should start any day.  To encourage them to lay in the nesting boxes we have so kindly provided, I use a golf ball.

What a sweet little helper!

Still needing to feed your chicken coop addiction?  Visit Corn in my Coffee Pot for some tips on getting your chicken house ready for winter.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Christina- Thanks for stopping by Corn and for the sweet comments. You mentioned you liked the that the piece of tin behind my stove? or my canisters? I'm thinking the piece on the wall.

    Also, thanks for the shout out here at the Homesteading Wife! I was surprised to see my name down there at the end. ;)

    I used golf balls in our coop before.It seemed to help. I just read today about 'egg gourds' they are egg shaped gourds not for eating. In the old days that is what the farmers used to use. Don't you just love 'google'?

    We're getting about 8 or 9 eggs average a day. But after this week end it will go back down to 5 or 6...hope to get the meat chickens done this weekend. (by tomorrow for sure)



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