Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Winter Prep Chores

In preparation for winter, I sat down and wrote out a to do/to buy list for the homestead.  I have heard that winters in the Black Hills can be really long and cold.  Living off the beaten path makes the need to prepare even more important.   A severe storm could knock out power for days and prevent us from getting our vehicles out of the driveway.  While we have a snowmobile for just in case (and for fun), it's not really a grocery getter. 

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To Purchase:

1)  Batteries of all sizes.
2)  More lamp oil.  This has an indefinite shelf life, so I am going to err on the side of caution.
3)  Another oil lamp.
4)  Jugs for water storage.  If the power goes out, the pump doesn't run.  While eventually it would be nice to have a solar powered pump, it won't happen before this winter.
5)  Winter's supply of animal feed.  We already have alfalfa for the cow, but I can't forget about the dog, cat, chickens, and some extra hay for the steer.
6)  More canning jars.  I have a freezer full of beef that I still need to get canned.

To Do:

1)  Prepare firewood.  We spent last weekend chopping over 4 cords.  I'm not sure how much we will need, but I would feel more comfortable with at least 7.
2)  Make a plan for keeping water tanks thawed.
3)  Put chains on tractor tires.
4)  Have extra animal bedding available.
5)  Gather sticks and pine cones for kindling.  This is a chore we have to do before it snows.
6) Clean the chimney!

Now I'm sure that I missed some things, but I will remember them when we're stuck in our house and it's negative 10 out.

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What are some of your winter prep plans?

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