Monday, September 17, 2012

You Have to Live it, to Get it.

     I will be the first to admit that our lifestyle is unusual.  I don't get excited by the latest iGadget or smartwhatever, but show me a new idea in canning jars and I am there.  I would rather milk a cow and go through the work of making bread than eat what the grocery store provides.  To me, the simple life is a simple concept, but I am finding that others just can't understand the why. 

     Why do we live this way?  Simply put, because we enjoy it.  The more "stuff" I take out of my life, the more peaceful my life becomes.  Notice I say peaceful, not easy.  Sure cutting, splitting and stacking firewood is a lot more work than just having the propane tank filled, but being able to have heat during a power outage more than makes up for that.  Yes having a cow can be expensive and at sometimes troublesome, but I know exactly what is in my milk, dairy, and beef. 

     When I am sitting in my house reading, instead of the hum of an air conditioner, I hear the rhythmic tics from a grandfather clock.  Instead of throwing a can of something into the microwave for supper, I am forced to actually make something healthy from scratch to feed my family. 

     I had commented on Facebook (I know, I know) about milking a cow, our stove and firewood. Based on the comments that followed you would have thought that I had posted the most controversial thing mixing both politics and religion.  Some thought it was great, but others couldn't resist running me down.  Focusing on the negative, reminding me that gardens fail, and winters are cold.  Someone even admitted that they just don't understand. 

     I don't expect everyone to understand.  Maybe when food prices are triple what they are now you will, but until then I know that what I'm doing seems crazy.  This life is hard, but the more I live it, the more I understand why Amish live this way.  This lifestyle brings about a kind of peace that you would have to experience to understand.  By peace, I don't mean peace and quiet, I mean an all is well with my soul kind of peace.

     I am eating food that God provides.  I am relying upon Him to provide for us.  When I am washing dishes, with each plate I scrub, I am reminded how we are blessed to have food to fill our table.  Living this way is like a whole new way to give glory to God.  So instead of wishing for me to fail just so you can say "I told you so", try it.... you might like it.


  1. You go girl. Unless someone has lived that lifestyle they don't understand. I would have preferred to live 100 years ago. My problem would have been I would have wanted my truck, refrigeration, running water, and the internet ...........

  2. Once you've tasted the freedom a homestead offers, nothing else can compare!!


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