Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Blustery Day



A terrible howl rushes across early mornings gleam.


The trees are trembling, giving into the fight.

Chills seep though cracks unseen.

I sit by my window and watch God show his might.

It is a very blustery day here and I wish, wish, wish that I could start a fire in my stove.  However, last week we discovered that on a very windy day, the smoke is pushed back into the stove.  We have a chimney cap, but evidently it's not preventing the downdraft.  Luckily when it happened it was a fairly nice day and I was only firing up the stove for cooking.  I had to keep the kitchen window open to create pressure to push the smoke out. 

Yet another lesson learned about the wood stove.  Smoke follows the path of least resistance, so if it's windy that creates a resistance.  Duh Christina!

I have been reviewing types of caps specially made for downdraft problems.  


So far this one seems to fit the bill.  Hopefully our local hardware or farm supply store carries it.   At least it's just really windy and not freezing and windy.


  1. That does look like it will work..If your stores don't have it, I bet they would be happy to order it and not have to pay shipping. xo

  2. Oh wow! I missed this post. We've not ever had that problem.

    Hope you're able to get it soon!


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