Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finally Friends - Milking Pearl

At last we have come to an understanding, Pearl and I.  She will stand beautifully for me without kicking or hitting me with her tail as long as I don't close the head catch.  Today I just milked onto the ground because I wasn't sure what she would let me do, so I wasn't prepared with cleaning rags or a bucket.

Next time I need to get my milking stool, crouching down is too hard on my knees.  It should be interesting to see how long she will stand still for me when her food is gone.  Not long I'm guessing, but once I get the hang of milking by hand we should finish about the same time... in theory.  Tomorrow I will milk her in the morning and evening and see how much I get.  Pumba is still nursing so I will be sharing with him until he is weaned, which will be once I get into a routine with her and I know that she won't dry up on me.

It's all very exciting.  I thought that she would never warm up to me.


  1. You have a way with animals. You did well.

  2. Success! It's a huge plus she is letting her milk down for you! All the goodies you can make with that fresh milk!

  3. Yeah! Pearl just had to learn to trust in you...that you had treats! How much should she milk once Pumba is weaned?

  4. Way to go! :) I have 6 yearly does which will freshen in the spring. Hope thinks work out well for me too. Does are smaller but maybe more feisty. LOL!


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