Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fire Safety

With wood stove season getting started up here and it being fire safety week, I thought that I would share what we do around our house to be prepared in case of a fire.

The first chore we had before hooking up the stove was inspecting and cleaning the chimney.  Nathan hopped up on the roof with flashlight and chimney brush in hand.  Of course we did this while it was freezing, snowing and very wet.... and our roof is metal.  Lets just say that we need to figure out a safer way to get up there instead of using a lasso.

Chimney looked good and straight.  A quick couple swipes with the brush and Nathan could get off the roof and I could breathe a sigh of relief that he hadn't fallen.

The chimney pipe runs up through the attic, so while we had a really hot fire going, Nathan went up to check the temperature of the pipe.  Downstairs it was just over 450 degrees, but it was cool to the touch upstairs.  Thank goodness for insulated chimney pipe.

While I was in Rapid City (our closest big town) I picked up a couple extra smoke detectors and a new fire extinguisher.

We already had a small kitchen extinguisher for grease fires.  If you don't have one I recommend you get one next time you are out and about.  The large one was about $15 and the smaller ones were about $10.

In addition to alarms, extinguishers, and cleaning, we also have a safety plan in place.  The kids know what to do and where to do if the alarm goes off.  We regularly talk about it and even practice it.  They help us test the alarms so they are familiar with it's sound.

Fire is a very scary thing for me.  Since the wildfire by us, I had finally been able to sleep without waking up and having to go outside and smell for smoke.  It's hard to get a good nights sleep when you are worried that you might wake up and your yard is in flames.  Now we have the stove and it has started all over again.  I get up throughout the night to check the fire and the temperature.  Hopefully once I get familiar with it's sounds and get used to having a fire going in my kitchen I'll sleep better.

Happy Fire Safety Week!!


  1. Yes...and October is National Fire Safety Month...and our local ACE has these items on sale. For your readers...they can now know you might be about to buy these throughout the month...Check the local hardware stores. Also...the Area AGING centers give free tests, change batteries and also do Instillation of detectors if you don't have one. You can also check with the local and Volunteer Fire Dept. for any other important information they might have for your area.
    A Plan is always nice too. I used to conduct drills with my kids. Yep! I woke them in the middle of the night for it. Because it (fire) scares the jeepers out of me...
    Oh...don't forget window ladders for upstairs windows. They are collapsible and hide under the bed.

    Be safe!...enjoy your stove. Pat

  2. It's always a great idea to have a fire plan. When we got married, 17 years ago, we went to a dinner/lecture about fire safety. Let me tell you! I was petrified afterward. I worried all the time. :) Well, not so much now. I try to be prepared, that's all you can do.


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