Saturday, October 6, 2012

First Fire - Wood Cook Stove

We finally got the new wood cook stove hooked up and working.  It's exciting knowing that we are able to heat and cook without the use of electricity.

There is definitely a learning curve to using a wood stove.  I have never lived in a home with a wood stove so I am clueless on the matter.  Luckily my dear husband is knowledgeable in the matter.

I was a little panicked at first when a very horrible strong smell filled the kitchen.  At first I thought it was smoke, but soon realized that the oven was coated with something that needed to burn off.  A couple hours later the smell was mostly gone.  Just to be safe, I am going to wait a couple days to make sure it's all burned off.  I would hate to eat food that had that smell on it.  Correction, I wouldn't eat food that had that smell on it.

I am just so happy that we finally have heat in our house.  It had continued to snow all last night throughout this afternoon.  Only now has the sun come out for a visit.   A lot of the snow melted making a nice muddy mess.  I am still wondering if we will get a fall.


  1. Wow!
    Isn't that amazing? Wasn't that long ago we were all talking about the heat...drought...and so forth. Now you're telling us there was snow through the night and afternoon!
    So glad you have heat and a wood cook stove!
    We got a cool front today...and it is starting to get chilly in the house. Doubt we'll have to light the stove though...We heat with wood too. it is supposed to be in the 30's here tomorrow night!

    I still can't believe it.

  2. I am actually hoping for a long cold winter with lots of snow. We really need the moisture back into the ground. Of course I will most likely be singing a different tune come Feb.!

  3. All I can say is wow! She is a beauty. I do look forward to hearing about your adventures cooking with her.

  4. What a gorgeous stove! Thanks for the tip about the burning off period - I hope to have a wood cook stove like this some day and that would have scared the daylights out of me.

  5. If you don't mind, How much did this beauty cost? I love it and eventually want one, Also why did u choose this particular stove and maker?

  6. We had that same experience with our wood cookstove - burning ff the coating on the top of the stove. It didn't smell much bu it smoked off a lot. Took two days and it was gone. We love it now. Hope you enjoy yours as much!
    Xa Lynn

  7. What a beautiul stove! We just lit our wood stove this morning, the temperature was down into the 30's overnight.

  8. We get our wood heater/oven/stove/water heater installed today! Just in time... For Summer! lol. I'll take note about the smell though and make sure I burn it off before I cook in it.

  9. Where did you get your stove & what brand is it.

  10. Hi Christina,

    I am very excited to install a cookstove in my Kitchen this Fall.

    I have been doing a lot of research on which stove to put in my home. Basically I have settled on a Margin stove. Mainly because the factory is 3 hrs away, so shipping will not be an issue.

    What I cannot decide on is the model. I am on the fence between the Flameview and the Gem.

    I know that no stove will be "perfect", and I have heard pros and cons about both models.

    I am interested to know the following based on your experiences:

    Do you have the optional blower fan or auto draft control? If so, how well do they work?

    Have you had any difficulty loading the firebox with enough wood to heat the house all night? I have heard a comment from another Flameview owner that logs "easily roll out" when loading.

    How hard is it to keep the glass clean? (I don't expect it to be 100% crystal clear when in use, but is the "Flameview" after all! I have read comments that it is pretty much always black.)

    Is it difficult to clean the soot and creosote from above the oven via the small access hole? I read your post about cleaning you didn't mention any big issues.

    Any other criticisms of the Flameview or favorable comments?

    Thanks so much in advance for taking the time to answer my questions. Apologies if I have asked questions that were addressed in older blog posts, as I have not had the time to read all of your posts!


    1. Hi Craig,
      First off, I love our Flameview, and have absolutely no regrets about buying it. We don't have a blower or anything else requiring electricity attached to it. It comfortably heats our 1900 sq. ft., two story home. As far as the fire box, I'm not sure how a log would roll out. It has quite a lip that prevents that, yet still provide ample room to load. The size of the box can easily accommodate logs large enough for an overnight burn.

      As far as the glass, the manufacturer recommends that you use damp newspaper (when the glass is cool) to clean. We never do that, because a good, hot burn cleans it for us. Yes, there are many times when the glass is black, but usually during the days when the fire isn't very hot. The design of the Flameview circulates smoke so that it re-burns, creating less creosote in the chimney. I love to watch the fire when it turns blue, as that's a sign of a good, clean burn.

      It's fairly easy to clean out inside the stove (which I do monthly). The top (beneath the cooktop) is a little harder to clean. I scrape out what I can, but it doesn't seem to affect cooking on the top. If it were an issue I would have Nathan make a rod with a bend to reach further, but it hasn't been necessary.

      I haven't ever used a Gem, but have heard good things about them also. Best of luck with whatever you choose!

  11. Hi there..we have had the flame view for 3 years now and also love it. I'm just curious to see how you clean the top. Have you ever taken it apart to Clean it? I see the screws and wonder if we should? Happy January. We are currently experiencing a wicked cold day.glad for my woodstove.


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