Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Grrrr.... Skunks!

     There's a skunk in the hen house, or at least there was.  I came home about 7:00 this morning from dropping the kids off at the bus and went to let out the chickens.  Guess what greeted me when I opened the door.  Yep, a skunk and two dead chickens.  It had JUST killed one and was dragging it outside when I arrived.  I am kicking myself because I usually go out before I take the kids, and could have prevented at least one from dying. 

     Needless to say, by the time I ran and got my gun, the little stinker had taken refuge under the coop.  My dog got excited and got sprayed in the face, and I just got madder.  I bundled up and waited.  After about 20 min. I got bored and cold and called my husband.  I was NOT about to stick my face down there.  Nathan would know what to do.

     Dear hubby, my knight in shining armor, drives the 25 miles home to kill a skunk for me.  What a hero!  He was afraid that it had rabies and would get away.  Evidently we have been very lucky so far.  Several neighbors have lost almost their entire flocks.  So now we are down to 8 hens.  A very sad reminder to shut both the outside run gate (which was shut) and the small door into the coop (which hadn't been shut).  I guess I didn't realize that skunks could climb the fence.

Stupid skunk!


  1. I'm sorry! We have two week old chicks right now and I am constantly thinking about the little gals and their future outside. I know there are skunks and raccoon in our area. Can you tell me? Do you shut the coop up during the day?

  2. We let them out, free to roam the barnyard during the day. Other than dogs, nothing has ever bothered them. I noticed that something had tried to dig under the fence last week, so I started shutting the coop door. Last night I just forgot.

  3. Now that is a real hero to drive 25 miles for a skunk.


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