Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lessons From the Stove Top

     Since hooking up the wood cook stove, I have been using it almost exclusively for our cooking.  So far we've had a cake, stir-fry, enchiladas and heated up the water for our oatmeal, tea, and coffee.  Hmmm, it seemed like a lot more food. 

     Currently I have diced tomatoes in the water bath canner, and am making chicken noodle soup.  

     It is hard to find information on cooking on a wood stove.  It's like it's a forgotten method of cooking or something.  I am very much learning as I go.  To help anyone like me, I'll post tips and ideas as they come to me.  Once I have several posts I'll even give them their own page.  Lessons from the Stove Top.  Sound like an interesting series?

     Today's Discovery

When we first fired up the stove, we quickly discovered that we were going through wood like crazy.  I was getting a little concerned about our wood pile.  Sure we weren't done, we have several loads we need to bring home yet, but would we need to cut down more trees and hope they were dry enough by the time we needed them?

 I prayed and fretted, and forced myself to be patient.  It is a virtue that I am NOT known for.  The issue has since resolved itself.   Within the last day or so the fires have been lasting longer and burning hotter with less wood.  Evidently, you need about an inch of ash on the bottom of your firebox.  This helps the fire burn hotter, longer. 

I am also starting to learn about how long and hot certain amounts of wood will burn.  I felt confidant enough to try water bath canning and it worked out wonderfully.  I gauge the fire temperature by looking at the thermostat on the oven door and the piper thermometer.

Tomorrow I have bread making on the to-do list.  We'll see how that goes.  Right now I am going to go enjoy some soup with homemade noodles. : )


  1. Fun stuff! Good job in your journey so far. I give you a lot of credit.

  2. Mmmm...the homemade noodles look good. I just made a batch of them a couple of weeks ago, they're in the freezer.
    The wood ash--is Sooo true. We have a wood burning stove and the wood ash is helpful in keeping the wood use down and retaining the heat... however, we have to empty it out on occasion too. Too much ash and it doesn't keep the room warm.
    Our stove isn't a wood stove; it is mainly for heat. however, You can cook on it.
    Over the years I've made soups, beans, potatoes, and toasted bagels and bread on a cookie sheet. I've also cooked sausages on a cookie sheet. I don't cook right on the surface as there is no ledge in case of spillage or run off...and it is near the kitchen door, but actually in the kitchen.
    I suppose if I lived further north...I'd like cooking on a wood cook stove.
    I know you will enjoy yours; as you've already had snow! It is keeping you both warm and FULL!

    ...happy heatin' and eatin'!!! Pat


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