Sunday, October 14, 2012

Meet Pearl

Meet our new family milk cow Pearl.

     She's still getting used to being here and it doing her best to show me who's boss.  It's been a constant battle of wills since she came off the trailer, but we are slowly getting there.  Today we put her in the head lock and she fought like crazy.  I need to find a treat that she can't resist.  I think that I am going to give her a few more days to adjust and then try again.  I can be pretty stubborn if I need to be.

Sorry that I only have one picture.  It's hard to fight a cow and take photos at the same time.


  1. wow! that is a big animal to try and tame with a treat.
    do you want her to trust you because she will be a pet and milk cow? or is she being raised to keep the grass down in the field? or is she being raised for the table?
    Sorry for all the questions; just curious. I am not one to want to get in there and make nice with a cow. :)
    I only make nice with chickens. ;) Pat

  2. Pat, actually her back only comes to about my waist. She's strong, but I truly don't believe that she'll hurt me. I think she's still in defense mode with the new place. I would like her to be my friend and a family pet. Her male calves will be raised to butcher and her females will make future milk cows to either keep or sell as family cows.

  3. Animals are my life although I admit my experience with cows is limited! I thought I might be able to offer a few helpful ideas, first keep in mind to Pearl your a predator. When your a cow, trusting a predator isn't the smart thing to do!! Second, you will make far greater progress getting her to feel comfortable with you if you "act" like you are not interested in her. Hang out (if it's safe) near her reading a book or something. Offer her a snack while not making direct eye contact. Third, have lots of patience!! You'll win her over for sure :)

  4. We just started our dairy herd this year and our girls love love alfalfa pellets. We bring them in from the field with just a little in a bucket and they know and get all excited. We even use these to "call" up a beef cattle to train them to come in when we tell them too. Works everytime. I've even gotten in a stray steer or two because they just can't resist the alfalfa. Should be pretty easy to get. I hope Pearl settle very soon :-) We have 4 jerseys and 2 guernseys. We breed the jerseys with Dexters...makes pretty good calves!


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