Thursday, October 4, 2012

This Week's Doings

     This week so far has been pretty boring, which is why the lack of posts.  I canned more salsa, ripped out the tomato plants after picking all the green tomatoes, did some sewing, and started a new remodeling project.  Something must be going around the school because I was called in to substitute 3 times this week, which is why I didn't do much around the house.

     We are still awaiting the arrival of Pearl.  Apparently when they did an ultrasound to make sure she was pregnant, they found that she was still open.  Grrrr....  Now she will have to be AI'ed.  I asked them to go ahead and bring her out to us so I can start milking and she can become part of the family.

     The weather has taken a definite turn.  Yesterday the cool fall air had been replaced with a bitter chill.  An ominous looking dark sky gave me the urge to head to the grocery store to stock up.  My parents live in the Northern Black Hills and they had some snow yesterday.  So not ready for that!

     Hope that you all enjoy your Thursday's, I'm off to the school... again.  Today I am teaching art, FUN!

Remember: Two more posts until the giveaway!!


  1. Christina, what does Al'ed mean? Also, can you explain what it means to be open?

  2. I love reading your posts, keep up the good work! It always stirs up my farm envy though. I know I'm not supposed to envy, but I love the idea of farm life. I will just learn to be content with my 5 chickens on a half acre.

  3. AI'ed means artificially inseminated and open means a cow is not pregnant.


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