Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Working on the Wood Piles

It has been gorgeous here the past couple days.  The snow left us with some much needed moisture, and the forest has come alive.  The smell of rich dirt and pine needles permeates through the ancient trees.  This is how the forest is supposed to smell.  I love it.

     Earlier this summer we chopped down about 7 trees because of pine beetles.  This is next winters fire wood.  We like our pine to have dried for about a year before we burn it.  I decided that since today was not a day to be wasted inside, so I grabbed my gloves and set out to work on stacking.

     We still have to cut up a couple trees, but that is Nathan's job.  I would probably cut my leg off if I tried to use the chainsaw.

     You can see where I have been stacking the logs.  Some of these are too big for me to carry, so I have to roll it and start a new stack.

     As we cut and stack, we make piles of the branches and dead trees that fell long before we moved here.  So far we have about 10 piles.  This winter, when the ground is covered in snow we will have a bonfire party and burn them all. 

     My supervisors stopped by to see how things were going.  She wanted me to Mooooove faster.  

     He may look innocent, but I have already chased him out of the chicken coop twice today.  Little stinker.

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  1. I think the guy is cute. How old is he?

  2. That is Pumba and he is Pearl's six month old steer calf.

  3. Stacking those logs is hard work! They're pretty large! My mother liked to burn pine when she had a wood stove.

  4. Oh I love this I love going to the bush and work with the wood I love the smells and the peace when the chain saw is not running:) Cute little fella.B

  5. That's some tough work you have going on! He is cute, even if he is a troublemaker!

  6. That is a lot of work. YOur little supervisor is cute.

  7. You will appreciate that wood this winter -- and I love your cute helper. :)


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